Monday, November 22, 2010

Agave testing too dangerous?

Agave nectar has been removed and banned from the list of approved low glycemic foods by the Glycemic Research Institute due to health dangers. I read somewhere a while ago this would be the next corn syrup.  Did not know what they meant then but this development is very interesting. Sorry fellow agave lovers!

If you have heard about this and have other links please share. I first heard about this at David Wolfe's blog.  Gosh, I love that curly haired man.

"The Glycemic Research Institute® announced that they have halted and banned all future clinical trials of Agave and are issuing warnings to manufacturers and the public about the dangers related to Agave.

The Medical Advisory Board of the Glycemic Research Institute® (GRI) made the decision to halt all future clinical trials involving Agave as a result of the latest round of GRI Human In Vivo Clinical Trials, in which the diabetic subjects experienced severe and dangerous side effects related to the oral ingestion of the sweetener Agave.
This announcement came as a surprise to the scientific community, and has generated hundreds of inquiries involving the safety of ingesting Agave.
Physicians and diabetes health educators are now being advised to caution their diabetic patients, both adults and children, about the use of Agave.
This also applies to persons with Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, and Pre-Diabetes. The medical community believes that up to 70% of the American public has some form of Insulin Resistance, due to the rise in obesity and weight gain.
The ban on Agave includes “The use of Agave as a sweetener and/or syrup, as found in foods, beverages, Nutraceuticals, chocolate, and any other consumable product.”

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