Thursday, November 11, 2010

Food Democracy Now: GMO Salmon

Food Democracy Now sent out a call to action with their weekly newsletter:


Dear Friend,
I recently found out that Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has intentionally hidden key scientific evidence from the American public regarding the safety of GMO salmon. I am concerned about the impact that our food system and GMO foods have on human health and the environment and I'm alarmed by this discovery.

Right now the FDA is only weeks away from approving genetically engineered (GMO) salmon as the first transgenic food animal animal for human consumption and we need to stand up for our basic rights to have our food truthfully labeled.

The scientific community has sounded the alarm, saying that GMO salmon could render wild salmon extinct in only 40 generations if they escape into the wild. And the consequences to our health and the environment are not yet known. So what happens to people when they eat this stuff? At this point, no one really knows, but the FDA is on the verge of approving GMO salmon.

Join me and Food Democracy Now! to keep these mutant fish off our plates. Click below to stop the FDA from approving GMO salmon.

Thanks for your help!"

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