Friday, November 19, 2010

Mayan inspired Chocotonic

For a real dose of chocolaty medicine and spice give this elixir a whirl:

Spicy Chocotonic
5 tbsp dark Venezuelan cocoa Powder
4 tbsp raw cacao powder
2 tbsp raw sugar ( can use rice syrup in cup with water)
2 tbsp Cordyceps
2 tbsp Maca
1 tbsp Cayenne
1 tbsp Cinnamon
2-3 tbsp Coconut Cream

Relax and take a moment to breath and be present. Mix dry ingredients. This recipe is spicier than it is sweet. Adjust according to your own tastes. Add a couple tablespoons of coconut cream to the bottom of your cup and mix in 2 tbsp of the choco mix. Making a nice whippy frosting consistency. Slowly add hot water to taste.

This is thick, super spicy and an amazing tonic for your body. For the first batch I used more of the roasted cocoa than raw cacao but next time I think Ill make them equal to increase the nutrient content. Enjoy!

The benefits of these ingredients is too long to list but here are a few:
*Cinnamon is a natural source of chromium and helps control appetite/regulate blood sugar, boost memory, helps bad breath, digestion, toothache, arthritis
*Maca is an Incan Superfood known to increase fertility,mental clarity, nourish glands and stamina, cancer fights, restores endocrine function, supports adrenal health
* Cordyceps boosts immune function, is anti aging, improves respiration,builds muscles, kidney and liver protectant,  improves circulation, regulated blood pressure, strengthens heart muscle.
*Cayenne works to improve circulation, nervous stimulant, relieves cold symptoms, helps with digestion, benefits kidney spleen and pancreas.
*Coconut Creamits lauric acid content (which scientists and researchers found in human breast milk) also helps you fight intrusive viruses, bacteria, promote normal brain development and contribute to healthy bones. And its anti-carcinogenic and anti-pathogenic properties can keep cancer at bay too.
*Raw Cacao let me count the ways...increases levels of neurotransmitter function, metabolic protection, raises serotonin and endorphins,  rich in essential minerals, #1 source of magnesium according to some sources, essential fats,  promotes cardiovascular health and protects from environmental and metabolic toxins. ( Not these benefits are from RAW cacao not necessarily in tact in processed chocolate.)

Most importantly- this stuff is a cup-o-yum. Drink it!

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